Break into new companies

Win new business

Eat great pancakes*

Just three of the outcomes you can look forward to from our Speed Training Breakfast – all for £25.00 (+ VAT + booking fee including breakfast)

Thursday 3rd May 2018 | 7.45am – 9.30am

Artist Residence  52 Cambridge Street London SW1V 4QQ (8 minutes walk from Victoria Station)

Great! I’m hungry for it. Where do I sign up?

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Thank you. We look forward to seeing you there!


























Why breakfast?

It’s collaborative – a chance to relax with other business leaders, marketing executives and entrepreneurs and share experiences and best practice, all without eating into your day’s work. Plus, pancakes don’t really go with elevenses.

Why Fire NBM?

If you’re looking to blaze a trail into new markets or you need to reignite an existing client base, our prospect based marketing approach will provide the spark. As well as passing the toast, we’ll look at how to:

  • Identify your audiences better with prospect based personas
  • Approach your prospects as they'd like to be approached
  • Optimise prospects' experience of you and your brand
  • Use messaging and media imaginatively to leave the right impression and maximise conversion opportunities 

Why speed training?

Because interactive works best. We’ll fill you with ideas and techniques that will fire up and empower you and your sales team. You’ll earn your bacon by working in teams to make sure everything is fully digested – not just the pancakes.

* What if I don’t eat pancakes?

Not to worry. Speed training works for people of all tastes.

Other breakfast options are available. Feel free to peruse the gorgeous menu.


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