Winning on Google needs some juggling skills

Given 75% of new product or services searches start online, when your potential customer is looking for a solution to their problem, it makes sense for your business to be at the top of a list of solutions providers, doesn’t it?  Wouldn’t that give you a good chance of being considered the solution provider? But consideration alone is not enough to make the sale, especially in B2B markets.

Dominating the top of Google search in your market is only part of what makes a sale.  If you’re a clever marketer you know a customer enquiry coming from Google is already worth a lot more to the business than from most other sources.  If you’re a clever salesperson you know a customer enquiry from Google search is much easier to convert to a sale.  Why is that?  Because the searcher is ready to buy.  They have a need….and in many cases, their need is urgent.

So let’s assume your company is all over the top of Google search for your market.  Your enquiries are coming in.  What is the quickest way to find out who’s ready to buy RIGHT NOW from that list of enquirers?  You allow them to disqualify themselves if they’re not.  In Perry Marshall’s Book 80/20 Sales and Marketing, he talks about John Paul Mendocha’s “Five Power Disqualifiers”. If the answers to each of these “disqualifying” questions is yes, then the 5 essential requirements are present to make a sale, namely:

  • Do they have the money?

  • Do they have a bleeding neck? (i.e. a dire sense of urgency, that demands immediate resolution)

  • Do they buy into your unique selling proposition? 

  • Do they have the ability to say yes?

  • Does what you sell fit into their overall plans?

There’s also a great story in Perry’s book about Vegas and a shotgun, but you’ll have to read the book yourself to find out more!  It makes sense, though, doesn’t it, to focus your efforts on those potential customers ready to buy if you’ve got big growth plans?

So a clever new business marketer will take the knowhow from the clever marketer and clever salesperson & juggle it to nurture a potential customer through their buying journey… well as identifying and targeting those prospects who are hot and ready to go.

And if by now you’re not already asking yourself “How do I get my business to the top of Google search for my market?” you ought to be!

Fiona Stewart


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